“Just Give Me 7 Short Days”

(Or Even A Day, If You’re Very Ready To Get Results – Like NOW)

And I’ll Show You The Exact

“Step By Step” Methods For

Generating SALES Everyday


WARNING! This Will Change
Your Life And Business Forever!

But if you don’t want that, please STOP now .

“What Would You Do With An Extra

$100, $500, $2000, $5000

Per Day Or Week?

Check ALL The Answers That Describes Your Current Desire

  • I’ll spend it on more ads to reach fresh new people for my business.
  • I’ll hire people or pay a virtual assistant to handle all my time-consuming marketing tasks.
  • I’ll work with a marketing agency to triple my leads, sales and revenue
  • I’ll spend it on new equipments/courses to enhance and improve my products or services
  • I’ll go on a vacation to a tropical island.

If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then you’re in the right place…

Funnel In A Week will give you a plug ‘n’ play system to get started with building and launching a funnel that sells for you on AUTOPILOT ‘literally’ EVERYDAY, so you can ditch burnout once and for all, and enjoy being your own boss.

Many entrepreneurs have heard about Sales Funnels, and how they are their ticket to a simpler, automated marketing and sales system that gives them back their time, freedom, sanity, and joy in their business, plus more revenue than they ever thought possible…


The problem is… so many do not know where to start or how to improve their current funnel to sell for them, and they don’t have time to figure everything out, because they are literally drowning in the same fruitless routine, that yields no result… 

Well, it’s time to…


Discover the

JOY OF WAKING UP TO A LOT OF SALES… in less than a week

Say Hello To

Funnel In A Week is a proven fast-track solution for coaches, consultants and small business owners who want to say goodbye to unrealistic sales systems (i.e., zero sales, one sale per month or quarter, and zero profits), and are ready for an automated sales system that generates sales and profits for you even when you’re asleep, in the gym, on holiday or just having a lazy day.

Get Instant Access Now:



Identify What Your Market Want & Need

you’ll get to put yourself in your prospects’ shoes, become one with them, to be able to create the right offer(s) they will rush.

Increase Your Sales With Irresistible Offers

you’ll become a master at creating offers that will turn one-time buyers into repeat buyers, loyal customers and raving fans.

Triple Your Sales & Profits Instantly

by using the secret formulas and system that we (funnel hackers) use in generating a lot of sales everyday, and how we make profit instantly

And so much more…

to help you quickly build and launch your own automated sales machine (aka funnel) without having to spend work long nights & weekends learning the basics.


Need More Information Before You
Make Your Decision…?

Sure! Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff
You’ll Learn From Funnel In A Week!


Finding Product-Market Fit

We will kick off this EXCITING program on DAY ONE by showing you the high level strategy that we use to identify our dream clients and to determine market fit for our offer (i.e. our flagship product). This is very important because if people don’t have the need or desire for your offer, you’ll really struggle to sell even one, not to mention selling on Autopilot!

🔥 BONUS: Funnel In A Week Workbook (Value: $197)


Create Your Value Ladder

Now that you’ve learned who your dream customers are, and how your offers fit their needs, the next step is to take them on a journey – into your funnel. In this module you’ll learn how to create a value ladder with details of what you should sell in each step of your funnel.

NOTE: A value ladder Is a map to strategize how you plan to serve your market as they grow with you. This will help you see marketing differently, and inspire new ways to attract different types of buyers, and create value for them.

🔥 BONUS: Value Journey Planner (Value: $97)


Create Your Lead Magnet & Opt-In Page

In this module, I’ll be showing you the high level strategy that I use to quickly create GREAT LEAD MAGNETS that delivers SPECIFIC results, and turns-on an endless stream of hot (ready-to-buy) leads for your business. You will also learn how to create a very simple funnel called a “Lead Gen. Funnel,” with the goal of converting your social media audience who are your dream customers into actual leads.

🔥 BONUS: Funnel In A Week Workbook (Value: $197)


Create Your Tripwire – Low Ticket Offer

You will learn the high level strategy that I use in turning total strangers into customers, as well as the high-level hack and shortcuts that I use to create high-converting sales pages, and how I recover my advertising costs immediately. By the end of this module, you’ll understand the difference between long-form and short-form sales pages, and know what makes a great sales pages.

NOTE: this module you will also be recommended NEW TOOLKIT that you can use to create your sales and upsell pages (if you don’t already have the toolkit).

🔥 BONUS: The Ultimate Sales Page Guide (Value: $197)


Present Your Core Offer

Now that your lead opt-in pages and tripwire pages are ready to generate leads and sales for you on autopilot, it’s essential that you get your new customers to take the next step with you. In this module, you’ll learn the best way to present your core offer, ideally as an upsell, and how to increase your average order value per customer.

🔥 BONUS: Sales Page Design Template (Value: $297)


Create Your Profit Maximizers

These are additional ‘related’ offers in your funnel that makes it profitable. Before now, every sales you were making in the Tripwire as well as the Core Offer step was to help you recover your cost of customer acquisition. Profit maximizers increase your profits instantly, instead of waiting years to be profitable. In this module, you’ll learn what they are and how to create yours.

🔥 BONUS: Upsell Hacks & Secrets (Value: $297)


Launch Your Funnel

Now that you have your pages all set up, the next thing you need to do is to send your dream customers into your funnel so they can take your desired action. (Note this) Majority of those that will enter your funnel when you launch will not purchase your offer, but it doesn’t mean they’re not interested in your offer. It just means that they’re either not ready to buy or that they don’t trust you enough yet to give you their hard-earned money.

In this module, you’ll discover the high level strategies that we use to get people back into our funnel, including previous buyers.

🔥 BONUS: Facebook Advertising Playbook (Value: $197)

Did you see that? – There’s actually a bonus for every module. AMAZING!

Here’s All The Goodness You’ll Get
Inside This Program

  • Finding Product-Market Fit (value $197)
  • Create Your Value Ladder (value $197)
  • Create Your Lead Magnet & Opt-In Page (value $197)
  • Create Your Tripwire – Low Ticket Offer (value $197)
  • Present Your Core Offer (value $197)
  • Create Your Profit Maximizers (value $197)
  • Launch Your Funnel (value $197)
  • 🔥BONUS 1: Funnel In A Week Workbook (value $197)
  • 🔥BONUS 2: Value Journey Planner (value $97)
  • 🔥BONUS 3: Lead Generation Worksheet ($97)
  • 🔥BONUS 4: The Ultimate Sales Page Guide (value $97)
  • 🔥BONUS 5: Canva Sales Page Design Template (value $297)
  • 🔥 BONUS 6: Facebook Advertising Playbook (value $197)

Total Value: $2,361

Today’s Price: $37


“I will show you how to build just ONE FUNNEL that will pay for your next product or service launch, future launches, ads, and all your marketing automation software”

Lucie, Certified Conversion Funnel & Paid Traffic Specialist

Don’t Just Take My Word…

Lucie knows her stuff! and She’s ever ready to help businesses succeed.

Lucie knows her stuff! She’s ever ready to help businesses succeed. This bootcamp helps you to get real results only if you’re willing to put in the work.

– Annalisa Gyanfosu


Lucie’s program helped my customers to identify with my brand.

The funnel bootcamp is intensive. The best part for me is being able to craft a marketing message and my customer value journey, which has helped my customer and potential customers to be able to identify with my brand.

– Oluwadairo Omowunmi


And That’s Just For Starters…

Let’s Talk About Those HOT 🔥 Bonuses
🔥 I Already Hinted About, Shall We?

🔥 BONUS #1 – Funnel In A Week Workbook

With this workbook you’ll be able to execute everything that you’ll learn from this program. This is a great way to get results fast.

Value $197

🔥 BONUS #2 – Value Journey Planner

This planner is one of my best kept secret tool. This is what I use to plan and analyse all my offers and funnel steps. Guess what, you’ll be getting this for free.

Value $97

🔥 BONUS #3 – Lead Generation Worksheet

This worksheet will help you plan all your lead magnets and to create great lead magnets that will help you attract and convert total strangers into leads and paying customers eventually.

Value $97

🔥 BONUS #4 – The Ultimate Sales Page Guide

This is one of the best digital products I have ever created, and you are going to love. This is a cheat sheet for creating great sales pages in no time.

Value $197

🔥 BONUS #5 – Canva Sales Page Design Template

Yep! you saw that right… you can totally create a sales page with Canva. And this plug ‘n’ play template helps you get started asap, plus shows you how to create eye-catching sales pages.

Value $197

🔥 BONUS #6 – Facebook Advertising Playbook

Funnels and Facebook Ads are like bread and butter, they work really great together. With this playbook you’ll discover exactly how to run profitable ads to send ready-to-buy prospects into your funnels.

Value $197

PLUS – My Funnel Hacks, Shortcut, Blueprints & Recommended Tools

Having built 100s of funnels since 2019, and run ads on Facebook since 2013… I have learned some tricks, shortcuts, secrets and proven strategies for creating high-converting funnels, emails and ads in the shortest amount of time… like in ONE day. In this bonus lesson, I’ll share with you some on them, that I believe will be relevant to you.

Yes, You’ll Also Get These Practical 🔥 Bonuses!

Total Value:



Your Price Today

$37 | ₦15,500


Let me introduce myself

Hey There, I’m LUCIE!

A Certified Customer Value Optimization and Paid Traffic Specialist, which basically means that…

I am uniquely qualified to help you build high-converting funnels and to leverage paid traffic channels (such Google, Facebook, etc) to get fresh leads and customers at a PROFIT.

In other words, I have not only created this program with a lot of love and care for whoever is going to use my formula to build a system that will generate a lot of sales for their business on AUTOPILOT…

…but I’ve created this program to show forward-thinking entrepreneurs just like you the EXACT formula that most successful marketers and marketing agencies use in getting $1k, $5k, $10k per day, week, month.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Right now! you’re probably thinking: How is the ‘Funnel In A Week’ different from others out there? and Why should you believe or listen to me?
I know there are a lot of coaches and courses out there that are promising more sales and all…

but NONE of the other programs are like the ‘Funnel In A Week’.
And you should believe me because…
This is what I do ALL DAY EVERY DAY, and….

Businesses and brands have been paying me to run their paid ads on Facebook and Google since 2013, and to build funnels and write their sales copy since 2017.

…that means I am pretty good, if I wasn’t I won’t be in business today.

… plus, I am way past the trial-and-error phase, and if we were to go by the 10,000 hours rule to becoming an expert – I AM now A SENSEI…

Secondly, with my system and formula, I…
  • Work less,
  • ​Can take a month break from Instagram without losing sales,
  • Make sales on autopilot

And digital agency

  • Gets overbooked 2-3 months ahead – even without ads

I don’t even have to show up online to make regular sales… It’s just happens, because
I started paying attention to the things that give me the most leverage, and I AUTOMATED IT

… and I can show you how.
Lastly, This is one of the things I know I was put in this earth to do, and I cannot jeopardize that by creating or putting my name on anything that’s below average.

I always give in my best – 1000% always. 

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Here’s what some of my students have to say about my funnel program…

It’s a resource for understanding how to create leads for your business

Lucie’s funnel training is absolutely a resource and place to be if creating channels and understanding how to create leads for your business. I love the fact that we have been given 2 years access to all the program materials, that in itself is enough for me

– Adesola Dada


It helped me develop offers that my clients want

If you’re planning to automate your Instagram marketing, this program will help you understand how to develop offers that your target market want in a way that they need. And by automate I mean that your business can run without you being there!

– Chisomaga Njemanze


Here’s What To Do Next…

From here it’s just finalizing the details. Click on the button above and save your spot!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing your success story at the end of the program! 

Lucie Udeme

P.S. Did you skip to the bottom? No worries. Here’s what it’s about and what you’ll get when you register today:
Funnel In A Week is hands-on training, where you will learn how to build a high-converting sales funnel in just ONE week, using secret formulas and strategies that will help you attract and convert total strangers into paying customers instantly and on AUTOPILOT.

When you join the program today (for just $37 | ₦15,500) not only will you save over $200, but you will also get access to 7 Life-changing Modules, 3 Proven Funnel Formulas, Daily Missions, Funnel Software Demos, + 6 🔥Hot Bonuses 🔥 that will significantly reduce your learning curve – GUARANTEED even if you don’t have any marketing skills.

Sound great? Then what are you waiting for!?! Start your “Funnel In A Week” Challenge today!

P.S It’s Training Only, it does not include coaching.

Here’s A Recap Of What You’re Getting Today

  • Finding Product-Market Fit (value $197)
  • Create Your Value Ladder (value $197)
  • Create Your Lead Magnet & Opt-In Page (value $197)
  • Create Your Tripwire – Low Ticket Offer (value $197)
  • Present Your Core Offer (value $197)
  • Create Your Profit Maximizers (value $197)
  • Launch Your Funnel (value $197)
  • 🔥BONUS 1: Funnel In A Week Workbook (value $197)
  • 🔥BONUS 2: Value Journey Planner (value $97)
  • 🔥BONUS 3: Lead Generation Worksheet ($97)
  • 🔥BONUS 4: The Ultimate Sales Page Guide (value $97)
  • 🔥BONUS 5: Canva Sales Page Design Template (value $297)
  • 🔥 BONUS 6: Facebook Advertising Playbook (value $197)

Total Value: $2,361

Today’s Price: $37




Total Value: $2,361

Today’s Price: $37



Regular Price ₦127,000


  • Is it really possible to get through this program in just a week?

Absolutely! Funnel In A Week was designed to be just that – a quick start to setting up your first (or next) profitable sales funnel. Right now, you may not have time to dive into a fuller, more extensive course, and that’s OK. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your dreams on hold, either. With Funnel In A Week, you can easily do one module per day and have your funnel selling for you in less than a week. If you’re super ambitious, you can even complete the material in just THREE days!

  • Will there be live Q&A or coaching sessions?

No, this is a training only program. If you experience any problem in the members’ area, you can email us, and a member of my team will attend to you ASAP. You can also join our private Facebook group where you can collaborate with other members of this program or send in your questions, and we will try our best to provide answers as soon as we can.

***Please note that: This Challenge is training ONLY, it does not include coaching***

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