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To all online business owners who wants to sell MORE of their products and services, grow their brand and increase their profit the strategies you will learn in the courses below will flood your business with a torrential downpour of Customers.

Dear Friend,

                               One day, i shall write a story of how Social Media Changed my life.

A story of how i went from being a complete Nobody to somebody that brings hope. How i went from being the Broke guy that called every Uncle, Aunty or Sister for feeding money every chance I got to being the one people call for assistance.

Someday i shall write that story and it would be the story of my life but then if I only write a story about me then i have no story at all.

In a world where people only think of taking i have decided instead to give. Because i know that not everyone that follows me have the financial capacity. Because i know that most people struggle to make ends meet.

So, for the next “7 days” to say a big thank you for my recently concluded birthday celebration. I  am giving 
you all of my courses at a RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE TODAY.

Valid from now until 31st of July . At just N14,500, Get Instant Access To All The Courses and Strategies Listed Below .

Sponsored Ads Secrets.

How to Run Profitable Sponsored Ads that gets you Sales.
[Normal Price: N14,990]

If you are sick and tired of wasting money, running ads without seeing results. Sick and tired of watching others promote their posts and smile everyday to the bank or you simply are tired if paying people to run your ads for you to no avail.

This would be a NO NONSENSE course that will teach you:
📌 How to use reach thousands of people for as little as N5,000.
📌The secret method to fund your Facebook ad account & get your ads approved every single time.
📌Step by step guide on Exactly how to position your offers to make sure they convert to sales and many more.

The Social Media Manager's Course.
[Value N10,500]

If you are a business owner or a social media manager and you are yet to get this course.
Do yourself a favor, place an order for it right now.
Learn Exactly how to **********************************
. 👉How to create content that will get people to buy your products.
👉How to start a Social Media Management business & earn anywhere between a 100k to 1M every single month.
. 👉 The hidden secrets to always making SALES on Instagram.
👉 And of course, get instant access to my private WhatsApp class where I will support you every step of the way.

How To Create Mind Blowing Content that grabs People's Attention.
[Value N10,990]

I will also rush one of my fastest selling courses  "The Content Creation Magic Pack"

It's an A-Z GUIDE that teaches  you in simple English, how to create content that grabs people's attention and gets them to buy your products or that of the business owners you work with…..

Once you download file, , quickly open up and go to the Video 5 that teaches you A.I.D.A formula of writing HOT contents that gets people to deep their hands into their pockets and buy your products immediatelt they see your content.

Chatting Secrets: How to Professionally Respond to your Dms to Avoid I will get back to you.
[Value N8,750]

Do people tell you they will get back to you but never do? Do they come to your DM, after long hours of chatting with you tell you I will get back to you but never do?
Well, you are certainly in luck as this course will teach you all you need to know about How to Professionally respond to your DM and get people to buy.
Learn Exactly how to **********************************

👉How to respond to inquiries and get customers really interested.

👉Different types of Strategies you can use to avoid them from saying I will Get back to You.

👉How to create content that will get people to buy your products.

How to Sell on Instagram even if you have 500 followers or less.
[Value N7,500]

I’m also giving you…. 7 Powerful strategies that will dramatically help you skyrocket your sales even if you have zero engagements, less than 500 followers or you are just starting out on Instagram.

 in just a short few mins(once you signup) You will get instant access to the secret formula to cracking this code.

A tested and proven formula that will not just bring you sales despite your low engagements but will also double your profits.

​Understanding Your Target Audience.
[Value N7,500]

. 👉Who are your target audience? . 👉Who are you selling to?
. 👉What exactly keeps them up at night?
. 👉What is the issue they face and how much are they willing and happy to pay for your products or services without too much convincing?

These and many more questions you need to ask yourself as a business owner if you truly want to grow your business, make sales back to back without breaking your back and begging people to buy from you.

Listen, Social Media is becoming more and more competitive by the day and if you don't know exactly who your target audience are.

What their problems are, what keeps them up at night, How much they are willing to pay for a solution to that problem. You may be going round in circles without making any worthwhile progress.

​Luckily, this course has answered every single question listed up above. 

No matter, what you sell. No matter what you do. This course will guide you through the journey of understanding your customers and what triggers them to buy.


But I am Not Done, You Also Get....

As part of my birthday offer to you, For that low price of $ 37, you won't just get access to the courses mentioned above but you’ll also gain access to one of my hottest selling packages ever. Titled, The 25 Hot Instagram Strategies.

[ Value: N25,000]

Imagine this for a minute, what if I could give you just one strategy that if applied could
 double or even triple your sales in a few days?

Well, you are in luck as I will not just give you 1 crazy strategy but 25 Tested and Proven ones that

 will skyrocket your business, double your profits and help you go from ZERO SALES TO SOLD OUT.

Think about it for a minute, Assume you made this little investment, got the course and all the huge bonus

 that comes with it right now and in just a couple of days you made more than double your money back
 in sales using the strategies shared in the material. Would you consider it a good investment?

This is exactly what will happen. I say this because many social media managers just like you

 have purchased this product and the result has been amazing.

The strategies I share here can't be found on Google, I have managed over 600 accounts on Instagram.

 What you are getting are from several years of collective experience, free from trial and errors and is
 CERTAIN to work always.
Good thing is, you get it for FREE alongside the other bonuses once you place your order right now.

See What Others Had To Say About My Courses.

Order Now, Get Instant Access .

Total Value Inside– 100,000

Regular Price – ₦ 65,000

Birthday Price = ₦14,500 

My name is Daniel and most people call me The Social Media Professor, I have sold millions of product for both myself and my clients leveraging the power of Social Media ALONE.

Over the last few years, i have personally worked with no less than 1,290 business owners on Instagram, helping them make sales, grow their brands and increase visibility for their business.

Interestingly enough, most have requested to learn how exactly to grow their business themselves, thus my creating of these courses. Courses that basically would teach them every single thing they need to know to get their business in-front of people that has the money to buy and are interested in what they sell.

These courses sells from the range of N5,000 to N10,000, and N15,000 individually but guess what. You can grab every single one of them at a small price of just N10,700 that is if you act now. 

In these courses, you will learn the Exact Strategies,  I used to help these people Make sales and
 How you can also apply them to your business.

Order Now, Get Instant Access

Total Value Inside– 100,000

Regular Price – ₦ 65,000

Birthday Price = ₦14,500 

What are you still waiting for?

I am essentially putting in your hands, a massive bank of proven strategies, concepts, principles, strategies, tricks, and secrets for succeeding on Instagram.

This is me basically handing you…The Keys To The Pot of Gold.

You don't have to struggle anymore, no more guess work just the right strategies to grow your business at the right time. Strategies, concepts and ideas that are tested and proven as well as sure to get you the right result. 

Observe how on every single course, I break down the processes and outline the concepts in such super-easy sequence that will leave you no reason whatsoever to catapult your Instagram business starting right this minute.

However, this offer will not last long. Grab it while you can or you will beat yourself so hard for missing out at such an offer that can exponentially change your business for the better.

Order Now, Get Instant Access .

Total Value Inside– 100,000

Regular Price – ₦ 65,000

Discounted Price = ₦14,500 

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